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Getting Certified

Upon completion of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) program, students receive the highly respected Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certificate in Nonprofit Management in addition to the CNP (Certified Nonprofit Professional) credential. Just meeting the requirements for certification can be a life-changing experience.

Getting Certified

What does it mean to be CNP certified?

Your CNP (Certified Nonprofit Professional) credential confirms to prospective employers that you possess entry-level, professional competencies across 10 core skills and areas of knowledge. These include foundational proficiencies as well as principles of management and operations.

NLA Certification Competency Categories

  • Communications, Marketing & Public Relations
  • Cultural Competency & Diversity
  • Financial Resource Development & Management
  • Foundations & Management in the Nonprofit Sector
  • Governance, Leadership & Advocacy
  • Legal & Ethical Decision Making
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Program Development
  • Volunteer & Human Resource Management
  • Future of the Nonprofit Sector