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Foundation Experience

UH GCSW is unique in that it offers a 16 Semester Credit Hour (SCH) foundation organized around content known as generalist practice in professional social work, and focuses on social, economic, and political justice, emphasizing critical thinking skills.. The first semester is 11 credit hours. The second semester is 5 semester credit hours of foundation and 3 credits of advanced curriculum. You will be with your cohort for live online small group discussions during foundation as well as the remainder of the MSW program.

Part 1: SOCW6201

Students complete SOCW 6201 Foundations of Social Work Profession during the first week of the semester. This course is a 2 Semester Credit Hour (SCH) course designed to introduce you to the profession and the Graduate College of Social Work. This is a pass/fail course.

Part 2: Foundation Classes

 Students continue their Foundation courses, taking 6 SCHs of integrated course work. 


Part 3: Spring

In the Spring, students will begin Field Practicum I which is a 16 week course. Field Practicum I requires that students complete 200 hours of field work. 

In addition to Field I, students enroll in their final Foundation course, Practice Skills. This course coincides with Field I and is 3 semester credit hours. Students also enroll in their first advanced curriculum class during the Spring semester.