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Featured Projects

2017 DFPS Compensation Review: A Follow-up Study. 

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Principal Investigators and Researcher
Patrick Leung, Ph.D. Monit Cheung, Ph.D.
Professor Patrick Leung, Ph.D. Professor Monit Cheung, Ph.D., LCSW Micki Washburn, Ph.D., LMSW, LPC-S, NCC



Sheara Jennings, Ph.D, ACSW (P.I.)

  • Evaluation of Project HYPE

Sarah Narendorf, Ph.D, LCSW (P.I.)

  • Residual Funds for Dr. Sarah Narendorf in The Graduate College of Social Work
  • Social Experiences in Assisted Living: Resident Health and Well-being

Danielle Parrish, Ph.D. (P.I.)

  • Evaluating Homeless Programs
  • Tablet-based intervention to prevent substance-exposed pregnancy in primary care

Suzanne Pritzker, Ph.D. (P.I.)

  • Civic Engagement through the Voices of Latino/A Youth: Exploring Definitions, Supports, and Barriers
Isabel Torres, Ph.D. (P.I.)
  • Disclosure Preferences of Older Latinos with Advanced Cancer & their Caregivers

Micki Washburn, Ph.D., LMSW, LPC-S, NCC (P.I.)

  • Guidelines for Managing Information Related to Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression and Identity of Children in Child Welfare Systems (Evaluation)

Other Projects 2017

Reiko Boyd, Ph.D. (P.I.)
  • Capitalizing Connections Between Public Health and Child Welfare Systems: Building the Evidence Base for Cross-sector Collaboration to Promote Black Infant Health
Christina Miyawaki, Ph.D. (P.I.)
  • Filial Responsibility and Acculturation among Chinese-American Family Caregivers of Older Adults in Houston, Texas: Mental and Health Impact
McClain Sampson, Ph.D. (P.I.)
  • GLOBE-Youth: Culturally Sensitive Behavioral Health Training for Social Workers