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Support in Biological Sciences Tutoring Schedule Summer 2003

Note:Check the tutor schedule on a regular basis for any schedule updates.
Many of the Tutors are able to help in more than one discipline.
So come to the tutoring center even if the tutor for your particular course
does not have the same hours as yours. Some one should be able to help you.

Tutor Hours -
The tutor center is open Mon-Thur during Scheuled hours in Room 114 Science
Free tutorials for students in specified biology and biochemistry courses
General Biology 1320 Dr. Snider
Marc 11am-12noon; 2pm-4pm 2pm-4pm 2pm-4pm  
Intro to Bioscience 1432 Dr. Sen
Anu   10:00-11:00 AM   10:00-11:00 AM
Shehzana 12:00-2:00 PM   12:00-2:00 PM  

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