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Force-modulated Hybridization for Precisely Visualizing Nucleic Acid's Length and Function

DNA and RNA are nucleic acids that carry genetic information and are involved in biological functions in all life forms. Measuring the exact binding sites of drugs on nucleic acids critical to investigating their effects in various biological functions. This technology is a kit to assay drug-nucleic acid binding using magnetically labeled DNA or RNA. The method uses force-modulated DNA hybridization and the result measured by a change in color using a smartphone.


Identifying Drug-oligonucleotide interactions for:

  • Drug-screening
  • Biosensing
  • Fundamental research

Problem Addressed

Precise measurement of the length of nucleic acid with single-nucleotide is a challenge because of the expensive instrumentation and expertise required.

Competitive Advantages

  • Measures the exact length of nucleic acids for the first time
  • Assay is applicable to variety of biological conditions
  • High-throughput capacity to determine drug interactions with nucleic acids
  • Simple non-expensive device
  • Unique design of sample holders for accurate results


Provisional Patent Application filed