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Biosensor for Detecting Single Magnetic Label

Magnetoresistive sensors (MR) are a possible alternative to fluorescent enzymatic biomarker assays for detecting presence or absence of a target molecule. Most MR sensors measure an analog resistance that is correlated to an amount of magnetic reporters. In contrast, this ultra –sensitive MR sensor is designed to digitally switch in the presence of a single or multiple reporters. The detection of the reporter in this binding assay corresponds to the presence of a target molecule. The inventors have already developed a prototype with complete software interface.


  • Diagnostic tool
  • Research tool for biomarker detection

Problems Addressed

  • Fluorescent reporters require significant biomolecule to achieve high signal-noise ratio.
  • Suffer from issues related to sample turbidity, auto-fluorescence and photo bleaching.
  • This technology uses magnetic reporters that are stable enabling high sensitivity of detection.

Competitive Advantages

  • Sensitivity to detect molecules at low femtomole concentrations
  • Sensitivity 100X better than commercial fluorescent based platforms


  • Provisional Patent application filed
  • US8456157B2


  • Liang Yu-Chi et. al; Sensors 2017; 17(6), 1296