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Nanomagnetic Detector Array for Biomolecular Recognition

The Innovation

The invention consists of a biomolecular sensor system including an array of magnetoresistive sensors designed for sensing biomolecule-conjugated nanoparticles. Materials and geometry of each sensor element are designed for optimized sensitivity. The device includes magnetic field generators to applied forces to magnetic nanoparticles for 1) nanoparticle manipulation, 2) sensor biasing, 3) magnetic pull-off measurements for differentiation against non-specific association, and 4) removal of all particles from the sensor array surface. This invention will provide a novel platform sensor technology for highly parallel ligand/target binding detection and/or for improved cell-based high-content assay formats.

Competitive Edge

  • Rapid screening
  • Cost effective assays & analysis
  • High sensitivity with potential for single-molecule level detection
  • Offers sensing of individual sub-50 nm magnetic labels (current techniques used micron-sized beads)

Targeted Market

  • Defense industries for efficient bio threat detection system
  • Homeland security applications for bio threat detection
  • Food safety applications
  • Toxin detection
  • Drug development