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Qatar University and Qatar National Research Foundation

Awards are incoming sub-awards to the University of Houston. UH is named the collaborative institution.  Qatar is named the Awardee that receives the award from QNRF and flows down the terms and conditions to UH. 

Date of the current version of the agency Terms and Conditions: June 5, 2018

Important Definitions

LPI (Lead Principal Investigator) if from Qatar University. This is the Principal Investigator who is identified in the Project Agreement as the leader and manager of the Research Team members and who has the ultimate responsibility for all administrative and programmatic aspects of the Project, in addition to his/her research role.

Co-LPI is from the University of Houston.  This is the Key Investigator who is recognized by the funding agency as an individual who shares with the LPI the responsibility for the conduct of the Project, including meeting the reporting requirements.

Summary of standard terms and Conditions:

Period of Performance extensions:

  • Pre-Award costs are not allowed
  • The project term (end date) can be extended by written agreement between parties only

Personnel Changes and Requirements

  • Change of any key person named in proposal or award requires prior approval
  • Disengagement of the PI for 3 months requires prior approval
  • Changes in personnel effort that increased the amount charged to the grant requires prior approval from the sponsor
  • Time and Effort Certification is required by the sponsor

Restrictions on Allowable costs

  • Graduate student compensation cannot exceed $40,000.00 per year, including tuition
  • Undergraduates cannot be paid for more than 16 hours per week not exceed $15 per hour
  • Compensation above normal salary is not allowed (additional compensation)
  • Miscellaneous cost cannot exceed a total of 5% of the budget
  • Award funds cannot be used to co-fund or cost share other projects unless prior approval is given

Invoicing and Payment

  • Awards expenditures are cost reimbursable based as the University official system of record. The UH official record is the General ledger posted expense at the time of invoice preparation
  • Invoices must be submitted with back-up documentation for all costs. Travel must be itemized
  • Invoices are due 30 days after the end of each quarter
  • Expenses will be paid within 60 calendar days of receipt of invoices
  • At the end of each year, the invoice payment will be reimbursed after acceptance of the Progress Report by QNRF
  • At the end of the project, final invoice payment will be withheld until the approval of the Final Financial Report

Re-budgeting authority

  • No deviations from the approved budget is allowed unless approved in writing by the sponsor
  • Re- budget request must be submitted by the PI or delegate to the LPI and copy OCG, if approved, OCG will submit a formal request to the Qatar Research Officer (RO)
  • Expenses over and above the approved budget category will be moved to the department IDC cost center


  • Unbudgeted special purpose equipment may not be purchased unless specifically budgeted for on the proposal or permission given via a re-budget
  • Equipment purchased with Qatar funds must have physical inventory label stating ‘made available by QNRP NPRP’. Qatar will send the PI a physical label to install if needed. Custodian should request that the statement be added to the inventory data base
  • Title and ownership to all Capital Equipment shall be vested to Qatar for the duration of the Project life. At expiration and upon acceptance of the UH Final Report, the sponsor may transfer the equipment to UH providing that the cost of the Equipment does not exceed 20% of the approved budget excluding any depreciation



  • Publications of results from this project must be done with the collaboration of Key Investigators and all scientific reports and papers must credit Qatar University and QNRF
  • Copies to Sponsor: The LPI and the UH PI shall cooperate with QNRF or its representatives to enable publication of the LPI draft or final manuscripts.
  • Acknowledgement: Required in all publications "This [publication, report, etc.] was made possible by NPRP grant # 9-xxx-x-xxx] from the Qatar National Research Fund (a member of Qatar Foundation). The findings achieved herein are solely the responsibility of the author[s]."


  • Prior approval required for all unbudgeted subcontracting


Technical reporting must be completed by PI and will include:

Report Due Date Submit To
Progress Report (interim status) Within 20 days before the first six months of each Project Year Lead Principal Investigator
Progress Report (yearly progress)

Within 20 days before the first twelve months of each Project Year

Lead Principal Investigator
Final Report 45 days after the end date of the Agreement Lead Principal Investigator
  • Public Report: The LPI (not the UH PI) shall submit a Project Report for the general public. It is submitted electronically with the Final Report. This report is intended to be used as a summary of the Project outcomes and findings and will be disseminated to the public. 
  • Financial Report – A final financial report marked as “FINAL STATEMENT” is due 45 days after the final expiration.
    • Details of total payments received and total expenses incurred
    • Any unused funds must be returned to the sponsor
    • The PI must sign each financial report
    • Payment on the final invoice will be withheld till receipt of final financial report
  • Intellectual Property Reporting – 90 days after the final expiration, UH must disclose all inventions made during the Project.
  • Equipment report – UH is required to share details of the purchased Capital Equipment with the sponsor, as required

Sponsor website with full terms and condition: