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PeopleSoft Grants

The Division of Research, in partnership with the Division of Finance and the University’s Information Technology Department, is implementing the PeopleSoft (PS) Grants suite for Sponsored Project Awards management. The Grant suite integrates functions previously handled in RAMP and RD2K. The Grant suite contains five modules: Grants Management, Projects, Contracts, Billing and Accounts Receivable. The University has incorporated the proposal transmittal and routing structure to the suite as well. At this time the transmittal and grant management module is live. The other modules are in the final testing phases and will follow in the coming months. 

The Research Administration Management Portal (RAMP), which is primarily used by Principal Investigators for proposal transmittal and routing, will remain open for view only. Principal Investigators will now have access to the new transmittal via MY Dash Board portal at Access UH. For help with the new system transmittals download the PeopleSoft Grants Transmittal User Guide.

The Research Management Data Base (RD2K) used by the Office of Grants and Contracts Research Administration staff to managing proposals and sponsored projects will remain open for legacy information but all active awards and, their associated proposal and pending proposals will be migrated to PeopleSoft Grants module.  University department users will have view access to the grants module under the Finance access portal.  A presentation that shows how to access this information is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is provided below. If you have a question that you do not see addressed below, please send an email to the Office of Contracts and Grants:                  

Question: What is PeopleSoft Grants?

Answer: The PeopleSoft Grants modules is part of the PeopleSoft suite that will replace RD2K. RD2K is currently used by the Office of Contracts and Grants for sponsored projects award management. There are five modules within PS Grants:  Grants Management, Projects, Contracts, Billing, and Accounts Receivable. The March 1st go-live will affect PS Grants Management and Projects modules. The project cost centers general ledger and payroll activities will remain unchanged.

Question: Will PeopleSoft Grants conversion include internal awards?

Answer: No. Internal awards and other project cost centers will continue to be setup and managed under the current process in PeopleSoft Finance.

Question: What will change for Departmental Business users?

Answer: For Department Business Administrators who used RD2K and Custom Projects in PS Finance to view award profiles, the information will now be viewed in the PS Grants module.

Question: Would department users still have access to RAMP and RD2K information?

Answer: Yes. Users may continue to log into RAMP and RD2K for read-only access to view information previously entered.

Question: What will happen to transmittal still in progress when RAMP is read only?

Answer: This depends on the status of the transmittals in progress. Transmittals under construction or no longer needed will be inactivated. Transmittals still being routed for approvals will be moved to the PS Grants transmittal modules and the routing process continue there.

Question: When will the rest of the modules be implemented and how will it affect departments?

Answer: The rest of the modules will go live within a month of the Phase 1 go-live date. Departments are not expected to see any changes to their usual processes. This rest of the modules will affect billing and federal draw down.  Day-to-day processes on payroll, AP vouchers, general accounting journals, purchase requisitions and orders and other transactions will not be affected. The General Ledger and other financial reports remains the same for cost center reconciliation.