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FMA Research, Inc.

LANL Lightning Waveform Data


Pages of interest for planning Sprites99 operations:

  Current Weather (Intellicast Radar Summary)

  San Antonio Radar (Intellicast)

  Denver Radar (Intellicast)

  North Platte Radar (Intellicast)

  Des Moines Radar (Intellicast)

  GOES 10 IR Image

  GOES 10 Visible Image

  GOES 8 IR Image

  GOES 8 Visible Image

  Entire US CAPE (GOES Derived Product Image)

  Another GOES 8 IR (WeatherImages)

  Current Radar (SKYWATCH)

  Current Storm Warnings (SKYWATCH)

  North Central Radar (Accuweather)

  North Platte Forecast (Accuweather)

  Live Weather Images (WeatherImages, a great links page)

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