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The Sprites 99 Balloon Campaign
The Sprites 99 Balloon Campaign


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LANL Lightning Waveform Data

This page contains links to documents authored by project members, to software programs and components developed by the project, and to other tools we've found useful and collected here for your convenience.

Each entry has a title, a summary, a list of authors, a date of publication or when it was last updated, a distribution designation, and links to the material in various formats. Each entry also has its bookmark noted, to help authors making links to it from other web pages.


Design for Main Controller Program

The initial design document for the core component of the project's software. Now obsolete, but useful for historical purposes.

By:           ALastName, BLastName, and CLastName
Date:         March 17, 1997
Distribution: Internal
Formats:      .ps (1,480 k), .doc (128 k), HTML
Bookmark:     MainControllerDesign

Fall 1998 AGU and Winter 1999 URSI Meeting Talk

A talk summarizing the plans for the 1999 Sprites Balloon Campaign.

By:           Bering, Benbrook, Wescott, Sentman, Stenbaek-Nielsen,
	      and Lyons
Date:         December 10, 1998
Distribution: Published
Formats:      HTML
Bookmark:     AGU98EAB

Specifications for the XYZ Component

Up-to-date engineering spec for the XYZ component. This document is always kept in sync with software updates.

By:           BLastName
Last updated: August 9, 1997
Distribution: Internal
Formats:      HTML
Bookmark:     XYZspec

How to add new users to the engineering group

Instructions for establishing new user accounts, setting the appropriate permissions on the file server, and propagating changes to all project member machines.

By:           ALastName
Date:         June 23, 1997
Distribution: Internal
Formats:      HTML
Bookmark:     HowToAddUsers
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Prototype for feasibility study

Project output for Q1 deliverable.

By:           Project
Date:         March 17, 1997
Distribution: Internal
Formats:      .zip (628 k)
Bookmark:     FeasibilityPrototype
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File compression and decompression utilities for creating archives under Windows.

By:           PKWare
Date:         March 17, 1997
Distribution: External, Shareware
Formats:      .exe (725 k)
Bookmark:     PKZIP
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Annual NASA Reports and Work Statements

By:           Project
Date:         November, annually
Distribution: External, NASA
Formats:      .htm 
Bookmark:     AnnRep
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Distribution Designations

May only be viewed by people inside the company.
May be viewed by people outside the company.
Has already appeared in an external publication.
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Document Format Definitions

HTML    web page (HyperText Markup Language)
.ps     PostScript
.doc    Microsoft Word
.rtf    Rich Text
.zip    archive file for Windows
.tar    archive file for UNIX
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