Who’s Who in Data Science: 2020 Entrepreneur and Thought Leader Panel

The Data Science and Machine Learning SIG (Geophysical Society of Houston) presented a panel of innovators to discuss the latest technology available in data science and machine learning, as well as to form alliances for multidisciplinary research.

An oil rig with AI illustrations surrounding it.

The Data Science and Machine Learning SIG (Geophysical Society of Houston) delivered a webinar to discuss the latest and upcoming digital technologies that will affect their industries.

The panel consisted of leaders from many career backgrounds and was hosted by Eduardo Alvarez, board director at the Geophysical Society of Houston. These leaders explained challenges within their industries and presented intelligent solutions for overcoming them.  

Name: Claudia Neuhauser, Ph.D.
Occupation: Associate vice president for research & technology transfer and director of the HPE Data Science Institute
Company: University of Houston’s HPE Data Science Institute
Specialization: Provides high-focused computing, data science, research and education
Recap: Outlined the purpose of the HPE Data Science Institute, which is to provide services pertaining to data science to research facilities. It thrives on research collaborations between faculty and different industries, partnerships with private sectors and more.

Name: Liz Percak Bennett
Occupation: Senior partner solutions architect
Company: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Specialization: Growing the subsurface data universe; IT service management
Recap: Provided standardized ways to scale an individual’s data; discussed how the valuable interconnection between machine learning and Amazon products, such as Amazon Prime work.

Name: Joshua Adler
Occupation: CEO & founder
Company: Sourcewater
Specialization: Building systems to upgrade water supply and usage; oil & gas
Recap: Emphasized the identification of surface water, reserve pits and more. The company utilizes satellite imagery to evaluate water analysis and the currency of data, while differentiating regulatory data and data obtained from other sources.

Name: Arvind Sharma, Ph.D.
Occupation: Vice president of data & analytics
Company: TGS
Specialization: Provides software, computing and data analytics; Oil & energy
Recap: Explained how TGS focuses on software development, high-performance computing and data analytics. He explained the Integrated processes that occur within the company and the importance for other companies to expand their decision-making cycle.

Name: Brendon Hall
Occupation: Director of the Energy Solutions Group
Company: Enthought
Specialization: Scientific computing; Software
Recap: Discussed how Enthought incorporates scientific computing into their work. He mentioned Python learning, digital innovation, analyzing business processes and workflows and data transfer.

Name: Nathan Chang
Occupation: COO
Company: Quantico Energy Solutions
Specialization: Data analytics; Oil & natural gas
Recap: Emphasized the importance of sustainability and presented ways energy could be cheaper and more accessible. Quantico Energy solutions is one of the companies that utilizes data science and machine learning to develop solutions in the oil and gas industry.

While data is proliferating at an extraordinary speed, these thought leaders each had many ways of using data science, data analytics and AI/machine learning to impact human life and the way industries will evolve.