BSC Manager Presents ‘Programming Parallel Codes with PyCOMPSs’

Rosa M. Badia discussed emerging technologies in a remote seminar for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Science Institute.

BSC MareNostrum 4 Barcelona Supercomputing Center (posterior)

An online seminar entitled, "Programming Parallel Codes with PyCOMPSs," was presented in the HPE Data Science Institute Seminar Series.

PyCOMPSs is a programming model that allows users to easily develop applications.

Rosa M. Badia, Ph.D., manager of the workflows and distributed computing research group at the renowned Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), explained the purpose of programming parallel codes with PyCOMPSs and how programming in this fashion can create a stable computational infrastructure for a researcher’s data.

“We would like to offer this environment to define workflows that can compose external binaries and large stimulations,” Badia said.

She presented the types of high-performance computing (HPC) systems, that enable the BSC, which is located in a picturesque retired chapel in Spain, to operate at high functionality.

Badia and BSC evaluate emerging codes and technologies within their projects to learn new information and share it with the world.

“We are currently focusing on this evolution of the roadmap in the environment...developing a complex workflow.  We are also able to compose computation, analytics and machine learning codes,” Badia said.

Badia demonstrated how PyCOMPSs is used in applications to generate high-quality interfaces by utilizing data computation.