Coding for Cougars

HPE DSI courses prepare students like Happi Nguyen for the IT job market.

Happi Nguyen with Martin Huarte-Espinosa
Happi Nguyen (’19) currently works as an IT-business consultant for Capgemini, a leading technology firm. But in fall 2019, he was a student who came to the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Data Science Institute (HPE DSI) seeking skills in data science and software development. “Coding Interviews” was the course he says gave him a significant competitive advantage while interviewing for computer code-related jobs.

The class teaches useful tools and hacks to give interviewees a significant competitive advantage when being interviewed for code-related jobs such as that of a software/quantitative developer or data scientist.

According to Nguyen, the course provided the congenial, open and necessary environment to practice with others and build confidence.

“Walking into my interview knowing exactly how to handle myself made me more relaxed and confident. As an alumni and former employee of UH, I can say that the HPE DSI is really useful and beneficial to any student who wants to strengthen their skills or resume,” says Nguyen. “Now, working for a global technology consulting firm, I still use the skills and methods learned from the ‘Coding Interviews’ class every day to help my clients solve problems.”

Of his professor and the associate director of the HPE DSI, Martin Huarte-Espinosa, he says: “Professor Huarte-Espinosa is an experienced case interviewer. He gave out a lot of helpful insights about top companies in the industry. This information really gave me a better perspective about potential employers.”