UH-Based SurfEllent Snatches Second Place

A big congratulations goes out to UH Technology Bridge-based startup, SurfEllent, which won second place at the Texas A&M New Ventures Competition, earning a $35,000 prize.

It doesn’t stop there. SurfEllent also reeled in $10,000 as the winner of the Texas A&M Engineering Extension (TEEX) Product Development Center Prize.

SurfEllent manufactures anti-icing surfaces with substantially low ice adhesion and superb durability under extreme atmospheric conditions. The innovative startup has developed game-changing ice-repellent surfaces capable of withstanding harsh winters without exhibiting non-sticking characteristics. These cutting-edge coatings are developed using various polymers to address consumer needs. From icy roads and airplane surfaces to slippery porch stairs and frozen windshields, SurfEllent’s coatings have proven that they have a place in our everyday lives. Not only are they durable, but they have also exhibited unusually low ice adhesion compared to other anti-icing technologies.

“Our goal is to put this material on the shelves of stores like Home Depot so that every consumer can buy and apply it themselves,” said Hadi Ghasemi, co-founder and CEO of SurfEllent.

“(Our) NanoTherm group at the University of Houston had been working on (the) fundamentals of anti-icing for more than four years. We achieved a breakthrough last year and formed SurfEllent to take this innovation to market.”

Hadi and his illustrious team are seeking funding that will help SurfEllent blossom its ability to manufacture its unique brand of icephobic coatings.

When asked how his company will allocate the well-deserved $45,000 haul it earned at the competition, Hadi replied, “SurfEllent is expanding its market share and business team. This fund will help to execute the steps toward these goals.”

Check out this short video on how SurfEllent coatings are practical for everyday use and can make your life easier.