Saratech Opens Houston Location at the Technology Bridge

The University of Houston’s already growing Technology Bridge has gained a new member to its blossoming family of innovative companies. The University of Houston is proud to announce that Saratech will be opening its new Houston office at the Technology Bridge, and will bring its award winning brand of 3D printing innovation and product development right to our backyard.

Saratech provides engineering and manufacturing solutions to help clients optimize technical and manufacturing processes by providing expertise in product development. The company is Siemens’ #1 platinum software sales partner in the country!

Last Thursday, Saratech and HP held an open house event where attendees learned how 3D printing technology can revolutionize their product development process and ability to produce high quality, end use, production parts. Spotlighted at the event was the newly released HP Jet Fusion 580 3D Color Printer and the 4200 3D printer.

We look forward to seeing Saratech continue its goal of helping customers succeed by building long-term and resilient relationships. Only this time, it’ll be here in its new home: UH’s Technology Bridge.