The Big Idea Blog Officially Launched

The Big Idea Blog Officially Launched

On Monday the 18th of March, the communications team for the Division of Research held a launch party, complete with donuts, beignets, coffee, orange juice, and one juicy announcement: the Division of Research has launched a big time blog named The Big Idea.

Particularly focusing on the business side of research, The Big Idea comprises stories about the many issues faced by university research operations.

The blog is partitioned into five sections:

University Research Explained

Shining the light on all things research, this section explores the backend of research operations you don’t see. From physician-scientists to industry funding to the business of research, this section brings to life the inner workings of all the research being carried out at UH.

What Went Wrong

Compliance is necessary to keep researchers on their toes. This section follows the trends, practices, rules, and ethics of compliance in research. Remember Toby in The Office? That’s kind of compliance. Keeping things in order, making sure the rules are followed, keeping researchers out of trouble, and making sure the work environment is safe. This section explores just exactly how compliance goes about doing all of those things.

The Big Bang

If the number on rule in real estate is location, location, location, then the number one rule in the lab is safety, safety, safety. This section explores the hazards, precautions, and protocols of research labs. From proper signage to equipment, this section highlights how researchers maintain a clean, safe work environment.

The Startup Experience

With the recent christening of TechBridge on UH campus, there is now a host of new tech and business stories that need to be told. This section helps cover it. TechBridge houses a number of startups, each working on something unique and innovative; but nobody will know about it if it isn’t covered. Thankfully, this section of The Big Idea has it, well, covered!


Fun. Informative. Through provoking. This section is a hodgepodge of musings from professionals, executives, researchers, and experts. Wonder what scientists think about paper vs. plastic? This is the section for you.

The Big Idea blog is a huge step forward for the Division of Research. There is a lot of innovative, groundbreaking things happening right under our nose at UH. The Big Idea is here to pull back the curtain and show it all to you.

Official launch date for The Big Idea is Tuesday, March 19th. You can find the blog here:

The Big Idea is always looking for new ideas, news, and opinions. If you have a story idea or would like to contribute as a writer, please email the communications team for the Division of Research at