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The Division of Research is pleased to announce the Research & Innovation Forum as a means of virtual engagement with our research and innovation community. This monthly forum will keep you connected to the research leadership and staff in DOR, to the ongoing implementation of our research strategy and to tactical operational updates. The Forum is also intended to respond to questions from our faculty, and to share information on our successes and challenges.

November 2020


Get Involved in HEALTH Equity Science
Ezemenari Obasi, HEALTH Research Institute

New to Internal Awards: Course Cover
Carla Sharp, CLASS

Light Bulb Moment? Let’s Protect It!
Chris Taylor, Tech Transfer & Innovation

Funding for Hot Issues: Social Justice
Benjamin Mull, Pre-Award, Contracts & Grants

F&A: What Goes In Must Come Out
Cris Milligan, Research Administration

October 2020


Internal Awards: Tales from the Trenches
Jack Fletcher, Research Administration

Foreign Influence: Do Ask, Do Tell
Beverly Rymer, Office of Contracts and Grants

Why Do I Have to Pay IDC?
Cris Milligan, Research Administration

My Human Subjects are Closer Than Six Feet
Kirstin Holzschuh, Research Integrity and Oversight

PI Portal: Tips & Tricks
Beverly Rymer, Office of Contracts and Grants