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IACUC Module

The UH Division of Research will be rolling out a new online module for all animal care and use (IACUC) protocols in Fall 2017.

To help our faculty and staff with this transition, we are offering training on the new module. Click here to register for IACUC Training

Learn more about its features and benefits. 

The Protocol Conversion Tool can be utilized to convert the procedures in your currently approved protocol to the building blocks required for the IACUC module in ICON. Please refer to the tool, linked on the right hand side of this page under "Other Resources." 



Provides infrastructure for a library of standard substances and procedures

  • Saves time with streamlined protocol construction and IACUC review
  • Eliminates data inconsistency

Comprehensive view of research lab teams

  • Team members
  • Training
  • Substances
  • Procedures
  • Protocols
  • Reduces administrative burden of research staff
  • Enables easy selection of protocol team members with current training
  • Streamlines data entry
  • Tracks which protocols are using procedures and substances
  • Provides ability to extend standard procedure types

Tracking for compliance:

  • Approved departures from the Guide
  • Training requirements
  • Concerns and Deficiencies
  • Semi-Annual Evaluations
  • Post-Approval Monitoring (PAM)
  • Veterinary Verification & Consultation (VVC)
  • Complies with federal regulations
  • Ensures only trained personnel conduct procedures
  • Manages deficiencies reported from facility inspection, program reviews, and PAM audits
  • Fulfills reporting requirements
  • Supports for veterinary review and approval of significant changes via VVC

Supports all major IACUC submissions

  • New applications, Amendments, Annual/Triennial reviews
  • Full committee, designated member, administrative approval, VVC
  • Reduces complexity
  • Eliminates redundant data entry
  • Automates routing of submissions for review and approval
  • Assists with regulatory reporting requirements