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Data Analytics Using GPUs

Thursday, December 12, 2019

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Data scientists in both industry and academia have been using GPUs for AI and machine learning to make groundbreaking improvements across a variety of applications in oil and gas, including reservoir characterization, signals and images processing and classification, and production systems analysis. 

In particular, deep learning is an area that has been seeing significant investments and research. Recently, two trends have sparked the use of deep learning within AI: the availability of massive amounts of training data, and powerful and efficient parallel computing provided by GPU computing. GPUs have become the processor of choice for processing big data for scientists.

In view of the impact of accelerating data analytics using GPUs, the HPE Data Science Institute will host a workshop focused on the interaction of the data science and industry communities. The workshop will include a series of lectures by prominent speakers, covering topics such as data science in oil and gas, as well as applications of GPU technologies. This event will give attendees the opportunity to see data analytics and applications in practice.

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Classroom and Business Building, Room 120

Dr. Pablo Guillen-Rondon