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Drug discovery and development underpins effective health and wellness policies. The duration and investment required to bring new drugs to wide use are quite prohibitive, and the market price is often beyond the means of large sectors of society.

With a track record of drug discovery and deployment that places it as the top of universities without a medical school, the University of Houston is positioned both intellectually and physically to make giant strides towards new, fast and affordable drugs to treat pervasive medical conditions especially in our Houston community and further afield. Our approach is multidisciplinary, bringing together chemistry, biology, biomedicine and pharmacy, and is cognizant of societal acceptance criteria for new medication sources and use.


  • data


    Biodata processing, massive virtual physiological modeling/simulation, genomic sequencing, molecular and evolutionary modeling, target identification, validation and pharmacodynamics, animal model generation/testing, pre-clinical testing, genomic analysis, protein structure and proteomics, pharmacokinetcis
  • imaging


    Real-time drug screening, dual photon-confocal imaging, protein analysis, proteomics, treatment efficacy, advanced light microscopy, multi-photon, super-resolution imaging, automated drug screening in vitro, in vivo imaging in animal models, flow cyyometry, force microscopy, structural analysis
  • automation


    Automated screening and sampling (sample handling) and automated sequencing, miniaturized sample handling and transport
  • materials


    Nano- and bio-materials, stem cells, polymers, viral vectors, enhance bioavailability and targeting, organic synthesis, polymers, synthesis of bioactive agents, genetic engineering of cells, non-drug therapeutics
  • manufacturing

    Advanced Manufacturing

    Reduce time to manufacturing of vaccines