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Tom Campbell

campbell.jpg Tom has over 25 years of international business experience commercializing new technologies across multiple disciplines for the University of Houston, as a consultant and for BP.

As Executive Director of IP Management at UH, Tom and his team work with faculty to identify and protect technology, manage the UH IP portfolio and look for practical ways to commercialize technology. While at BP, Tom delivered results and implemented new technologies in Alternative Energy, Gas&Power and Chemicals in a career spanning over two decades.

As Vice President of Technology for BP Alternative Energy, he was responsible for the delivery and commercialization of technology and intellectual property. He led scientists, engineer, and business developers in the United States, Brazil, and the United Kingdom, had oversight of technology collaborations and built capability by attracting top external talent and upskilling internal staff.

Tom also served as BP’s Commercial Manager at the Energy Biosciences Institute, a $350 million academic-industrial collaboration between the University of California-Berkeley, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and BP. He developed methods to evaluate intellectual property and commercialize early stage technology through internal development and third parties.