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Energy and Natural Resources


To concentrate on environmental issues, such as ecology and conservation, through discovery and recovery of fuels and alternative fuels and through particle physics and space radiation.

The faculty members in this cluster understand how important it is to both meet our nation’s energy needs in order to foster economic prosperity and ensure security while also protecting the planet and, thus, its inhabitants large and small. They invent and innovate. They influence policy. They get their hands dirty while finding ways to keep our air and water clean.

Programs and Centers

The components of this cluster are closely tied to the university’s Strategic Energy Alliance's four major thrusts: advancing fossil fuels, leading systems integration, driving alternatives and renewables, and promoting energy conservation and environmental sustainability. The cluster, drawing on both its researchers’ diverse strengths and the university’s opportune location in the global energy capital, aims to solve some of the world’s greatest energy challenges and provide leadership and vision to industry and government.