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Community Advancement and Education


To conduct research, service and scholarly activities associated with improving and advancing communities. Illustrative pursuits are in economic development, all levels of education and social issues affecting societies, such as: substance abuse, aging, child welfare, homelessness, health services and caregiver burden, cultural sensitivity, immigration, and diversity and cross-cultural management.

The faculty members in this cluster may best be described – without exaggeration – as heroes. They are educators and advocates, scholars and scientists who save and change the lives of men, women and children in communities both near and far. Their days are spent sharing information in the classroom, creating new knowledge in the lab, influencing policy and government, and training a highly skilled work force to propel the city, region and nation forward.

Programs and Centers

The activities within the Community Advancement and Education cluster focus on the steps necessary to improve the well-being of communities through its three subsections: economic development, education and social work. Economic development is comprised of such organizations as the Small Business Development Center, the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Program and the Center for Life Sciences Technology, a center related to education. In this arm of the cluster, programs and centers include teacher certification programs of all levels and subjects of education. The social area of the cluster include the Institute for Diversity, the Office for Drug and Social Policy Research, and an extensive Child Welfare program.