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Research Clusters

The University of Houston's research clusters are multidisciplinary, challenge-based groups of investigators that include and draw on the strengths of existing research centers, institutes and laboratories within multiple academic departments and colleges.

The university has adopted the concept of research clusters to take advantage of the interrelationship of research areas and capitalize on six areas in which the university and region have strategic advantages.

Clusters are faculty-driven, multilevel frameworks that connect researchers with expertise in various disciplines in a multicampus system with industry partners and funding agencies. They provide an inclusive foundation for collective scholarly activity and foster the sharing of ideas.

Each cluster is to develop a strategic plan, which will include cluster hiring and investment in core facilities that will further enliven the research enterprise and, ultimately, enrich the student experience.

The overarching goal of clusters and the cluster hiring strategy is to develop a critical mass of skills within the UH System for national leadership in defined areas of strategic growth.

At some point, researchers may be interested in establishing a research cluster, center or institute. Guidelines have been developed for this process, as have operating policies and procedures.

President’s Initiatives

The UH Energy Initiative will facilitate relationships with industry partners and bring together faculty to pursue energy research, including fossil fuels, bio-fuels, wind, and solar power. A major component of this initiative involves the continued development of the UH Energy Research Park.

The UH Health Initiative builds on the city’s rich healthcare offerings. Through partnerships with Texas Medical Center institutions, UH will expand its presence in health-related research programs, including science and engineering, social science and social work, and pharmacy and optometry.

The UH Arts Initiative will position UH as a world-class arts destination. The university will work toward expanding and strengthening its partnerships with theaters, museums, performance venues and arts organizations.

The Star Initiative reinforces the commitment to strengthen UH centers of excellence, such as entrepreneurship, health law, optometry, hotel and restaurant management, social work, psychology, chemical engineering, music, and creative writing.