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Diversity & Inclusion

UH Campus Recreation Value — Inclusion

We demonstrate our commitment to inclusion by providing intentional programming and services for all. We embrace a full spectrum of opportunities that challenge the UH community to grow and think differently.

Gender Policy

University of Houston students, faculty/staff and spouse/partners of students, faculty/staff shall be permitted to participate in Departmental programs, activities, and services (to include Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, Aquatics, Outdoor Adventure, and Fitness) in accordance with the person's gender self-identification or expression. Sport Club participants will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis based on the applicable National Governing Body's policies and procedures. The UH Campus Recreation and Wellness Center will ensure that every student, faculty, staff, and guest has access to a locker room and bathroom facilities in a safe, comfortable, and convenient environment. Transgender individuals shall not be forced to use the locker room corresponding to their gender assigned at birth. Such accommodations could include but are not limited to a private area in the locker room or use of the family changing room.

Inclusive Facilities and Equipment

  1. Family Change Room, Restroom, and Lockers: Campus Recreation provides a family change room, including rental lockers, and an accessible single-use restroom around the corner from the Welcome Desk with convenient access to the Natatorium.
  2. Day-use and Rental Lockers: Accessible lockers may be found throughout the building for rental (locker rooms only) or day-use.
  3. Pool Lifts: The competition pool, spa, and leisure pool have pool lifts to allow all patrons to make use of our aquatic facilities and programs.
  4. Elevators: An elevator to the fitness floor is located by Multi-Purpose Room 1 by turning right after ID Check. An elevator to the observation deck is on the natatorium-side of the rotunda by the Member Services office.
  5. Fitness Equipment: The fitness floor provides accessible machines. A cable circuit can be found by the catwalk. Two Matrix Krankcycles can be found on the cardio floor by the stairmasters.
  6. Climbing Equipment: Patrons may request a chest harness to meet their accessibility needs.
  7. The Campus Recreation dress code is gender-neutral. Please see the full dress code on our "Facility Policies" page.
  8. Sharps Disposal: A sharps disposal may be found in each Rotunda Restroom by the Department of Wellness.
Accessible Cable Circuit

Accessible Cable Circuit

Wheelchair Ergometer

Wheelchair Ergometer

Sponsored Memberships

  • Some non-affiliated individuals are eligible for sponsored membership. Please see our "Sponsored Memberships" page for the full policy.
  • The Campus Recreation dress code is gender-neutral. Please see the full dress code on our "Facility Policies" page.

Period Products

Period products are available for sale at the Member Services desk. Please speak with staff for pricing.