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HPE DSI Courses

Prerequisite: Students must either take or pass a placement test for the course “Introduction to Cluster Computing: Linux, shell scripting, queuing systems, cluster architecture”. This course does not count towards the required 3 HPE DSI courses in the HPC Certificate Program.

Students are required to take and pass 3 skill-based, rather than academic, short courses (15 contact-hours each) offered by HPE DSI.

The following blocks are offered. Students are encouraged to pick one course from each block.

A) Scientific Programming Languages

  • Scientific Programming with C++
  • Scientific Programming with Python
  • Scientific Programming with R

B) Parallel Programming 

  • OpenMP Programming
  • MPI Programming
  • GPU Programming

C) Tools

  • Debugging and Performance Tuning: Gnu Debugger, Gnu Profiler, Intel Debugger, Intel Profiler
  • Machine Learning: data analytics, deep learning, predictive analytics
  • Scientific Visualization and Data Analysis: VisIt and Paraview

The courses are free. Students can register through our course management system.