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Public Art
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Public Art of the University of Houston System (Public Art UHS) is a collection of artworks by acclaimed local, regional, national and international artists across all forms of media and styles. The significant collection is on view throughout the University of Houston System, reflecting and connecting our diverse communities.

The University of Houston contains the largest portion of the collection, representing approximately 300 artworks and it is home to the Temporary Public Art Program. Public Art UH works include those by Carlos Cruz-Diez, The Art Guys, Jackie Ferrara, Alyson Shotz, Frank Stella, and Andy Warhol.

Temporary Public Art Program

The Temporary Public Art Program serves as an active platform for temporary art installations, short-term exhibitions and community-wide outreach. It is a collaborative program that challenges artists to expand their creative range, while their installations and related programming encourages viewers to reflect and to broaden their vision. Held together by meaningful dialogue, this program is a means by which people can connect and come together around art on campus.

Mobius Houston

Mobius Houston by Marta Chilindrón

Currently on view at Wilhelmina's Grove is Mobius Houston by the New York-based Uruguayan artist Marta Chilindrón (b. 1951). Building on the South American tradition of geometric abstraction and Concrete art, Mobius Houston explores ideas on the infinite, perception, and transformation on an experimental, large scale. Almost four times the size of earlier works from the Mobius series, Mobius Houston introduces significat advances in materials and production.

Visit the Public Art UHS website to learn more about the system-wide collection and programming

Public Art Studio

Every second Saturday of the month, from February to April and September to December, Public Art UHS hosts family-friendly art-making activities inspired by the temporary artwork currently on view. This interactive studio series is a fun program where artists of all ages can explore their own unique creative abilities and learn more about the public art on view. Workshops are 1:00 to 4:00pm at Wilhelmina's Grove and are suitable for ages 4 and up. The series is free and exclusively for everyone.

Public Art Tours

Free and open to the public, Public Art Tours occur every first Friday of the month, from October through May, hosted by university professors, artists, critics and students. Tours offer the community an opportunity to learn more about art, creativity and artistic movements. Each tour highlights different artists and works across the University of Houston System. Routes and starting points vary with each tour.

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