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  • SURE Brainstorming to Bankrolling II Course Development

    SURE Brainstorming to Bankrolling II Course Development

    SURE Program student working with a local entrepreneur. Photo by Nicki Evans Photography.

CITE supports program that nurture entrepreneurial behaviors and attitudes in students and grow opportunities to develop new businesses, technologies, and innovations.
Battle of the Classes is a campus-wide event for students in undergraduate classes to compete against each other for the best marketable idea to come out of any college’s course.
The UH Computer Science Consulting Clinic ( CSCC) is a practicum program in which second and third year STEM students, under the direct supervision of a faculty member, assist Houston-area entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations by providing assistance in implementing the technological solution as an end-product. A grant to Nouhad Rizk (College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics) supports the development of the practicum course.
This grant to Saleha Khumawala and Charlie Becker of the Stimulating Urban Renewal through Entrepreneurship (SURE) program in the Bauer College supports the development of a second semester course in which students who have successfully served as consultants to entrepreneurs in the SURE program assist SURE entrepreneurs in further developing and expanding their business.