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Global Citizens Credential

The Global Citizens Credential (GCC) is an undergraduate program offered at the University of Houston that recognizes students for activities that build global knowledge and skills and awards its graduates with a transcript credential, certificate, and honor cord. The GCC is a good resume-builder and helps students stand-out when applying to jobs, graduate school, and competitive international scholarships. The program also encourages students to be more active global citizens and make a greater impact in their community. 

Students interested in completing the GCC should click the button below to register


Click here to read our Global Citizens Credential COVID-19 Program Accommodations

The GCC is open to any UH undergraduate student in good academic standing with a cGPA of 2.00 or above. In order to receive the GCC, the student must earn a minimum of 10 points and attend a Capstone before graduation. 

Steps to Complete:

  1. Register and Join GCC Listserv: Students should register using the 'Register Now' button above and sign up for the GCC listserv at the bottom of the page to receive important updates. 
  2. Participate in Global Activities and Earn 10 Points: Students can participate in any of the activities outlined in the five categories below in order to fulfill points. 
  3. Complete a Verification of Completion Form and Submit Documentation: After earning 10 points, students should submit a Verification of Completion using the online form below to register points and email any required documentation. 
  4. Attend a Capstone Symposium: Students are eligible to register for a Capstone during their senior year once confirmed with 10 points. Students can find out more information and register under the 'Capstone Symposium' tab. 

Students are encouraged to schedule an advising appointment for extra support on meeting program requirements before graduation. Students can also utilize the guide below to help plan and calculate points: 

Download the GCC Points Summary and Planning Guide Here

Note: It is not required to earn points in every category, but there is a limit to the total number of points that can be earned for each category. Students may not 'double-dip' points. For example, students may not earn points for both learning abroad and coursework taken abroad. 

Students must earn a minimum of 10 points from any of the five categories below:

Global Courses  (4 points max.) Students can earn points for either an approved global major/minor OR  through global coursework.

Learning Abroad (4 points max.) Students can earn points for a learning abroad experience (study, internship, research, service learning, or volunteer project abroad). Points are given based on the length of the program. For more information about learning abroad programs and scholarships, please visit the Office of Learning Abroad
  • 4 points – For a learning experience abroad of 8 days or more 
  • 2 points – For a learning experience abroad of one week (7 days) or less
Language Proficiency  (4 points max.) Students can earn points for either a foreign language major/minor OR through foreign language coursework. OR students may also earn points if they are already proficient in another language by submitting documentation. 
  • 4 points – Any foreign language major/minor.
  • 1 or 2 points – Successful completion of two intermediate language classes with at least a “B” or two advanced classes with at least a “C”. 
  • Students who are already fluent in another language: Students can earn two points with proof of proficiency either by: 1) Taking a placement exam and submitting the placement exam score. Students can register for a placement exam by visiting the Testing Services website. 2) Meeting with a UH faculty member who is able to verify proficiency and then submit an email or letter confirming the student's language proficiency to UH Global. 
Global Scholarly Work (2 points max.) Students can earn points either through research on a global topic OR through global scholarly events. 
  • 2 points – Performing research on any subject with a global focus under a UH faculty member for a minimum of four weeks or by authoring or co-authoring a scholarly work on a global topic. 
    • Required Documentation: A copy of the research paper and an email or letter from the professor serving as research supervisor confirming the student's research topic and project length. 
  • 1 or 0.5 points– Attending two global scholarly events for one point or one global scholarly event for 0.5 pts. Global scholarly events include conferences, guest lectures, seminars, workshops, or trainings that involve a global or multicultural dimension. Students can find out about upcoming global scholarly events through the GCC listserv.
    • Required documentation: Written proof of attendance. Students are encouraged to utilize our form below:
Intercultural Activities (2 points max.) Students can earn points through either a global leadership experience OR by attending intercultural activities. 
  • 2 points – A global leadership experience such as being a leader in a globally focused, ethnic, or multicultural student organization or by completing an internship or volunteer experience with a globally-oriented community organization. For more information about on campus student organizations, please visit Get Involved. For a list of community based organizations that have a global focus, please see our list below:
    • Internship and Volunteer List
    • Required Documentation: An email or letter written by the student organization president or internship/volunteer supervisor confirming the student's name, position held, length of position, and a brief description of the organization and student's involvement. 
  • 1 or 0.5 points– Attending two intercultural activities for one point or one intercultural activity for 0.5 pts. Intercultural activities include foreign film screenings, art showings, performances, cultural festivals, etc. Students can find out about upcoming intercultural activities through the GCC listserv. 
    • Required Documentation: Written proof of attendance. Students are encouraged to utilize our form below:

Please click here to read more about our COVID-19 Program Accomodations:

Global Citizens Credential COVID-19 Program Accommodations

After completing 10 points, students must register their points by completing a 'Verification of Completion' form using the link below and email supporting documentation. UH Global will verify the points and follow up if additional documentation is needed. This form must be submitted at least two months before graduation to ensure there is sufficient time to attend a Capstone. 

Verification of Completion

The Capstone is a three hour session where GCC students share their global experiences, explore global issues and theories, discuss the effects of globalization, and reflect upon what it means to be a 'global citizen'. Students are eligible to register for a Capstone during senior year and after successfully registering 10 points with UH Global. The Capstone Symposium is the final step in completing the GCC and must be completed before graduation.

UH Global offers a few Capstone Symposium options every semester but the last Capstone is typically scheduled about a month before the end of the semester to ensure there is sufficient time to process transcripts and certificates before graduation. 

Students can register for a Capstone Symposium by clicking the button below:

Sign up for a Capstone Symposium

Capstones are normally held in the UH Global office in Ezekiel W. Cullen Building, Suite 101. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic period, Capstones will be held online. 

GCC graduates receive:

  • 'Global Citizens Credential' Transcript Notation
  • Signed Certificate
  • Honor Cord for Graduation 

GCC graduates will receive their GCC certificate and honor cord during a certificate ceremony held prior to graduation. If unable to attend, students can pick up their certificate and honor cord at the  UH Global office. If the ceremony is cancelled, GCC graduates will receive their certificate and honor cord in the mail. 

Note: Students who complete the GCC will have a $25 'Graduation Application Fee' placed on their account by the Registrar to cover the processing of the transcript and certificate. 

Advising Support Available:

Need extra support? Students may schedule an advising appointment by emailing us or scheduling via Navigate (under Support Services and UH Global). For questions, please contact us at

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