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Global Scholarly Work Points

Students can earn points either through research on a global topic OR through global scholarly events. (2 points max.)
  • 2 points – Performing research on any subject with a global focus under a UH faculty member for a minimum of four weeks or by authoring or co-authoring a scholarly work on a global topic. 
    • Required Documentation: A copy of the research paper and an email or letter from the professor serving as research supervisor confirming the student's research topic and project length. 
  • 1 or 0.5 points – Attending two global scholarly events for one point or one global scholarly event for 0.5 pts. Global scholarly events include conferences, guest lectures, seminars, workshops, or trainings that involve a global or multicultural dimension. Students can find out about upcoming global scholarly events in the weekly newsletter sent out on the GCC listserv or can click here to view upcoming Global Scholarly Work events.
    • Required documentation: Written proof of attendance. Students are encouraged to utilize our form below:
      GCC Documentation Form