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Executive Team

The Cub Camp Executive Team is made up of four Directors. Applications open in August of each year.

Yuvani Ochoa

Head Director

Yuvani Ochoa

The Head Director works with professional staff to provide oversight of all Co-Chairs and Counselors.

Erica O'Brien

Public Relations Director

Erica O’Brien

The Public Relations Director is responsible for all camp advertisement and social media mediums to inform the campus community and incoming freshman about Cub Camp.

Jay Emmons

Crew Director

Jay Emmons

The Crew Director is responsible for overseeing at camp logistics and operations.

Gabby Cabangon

Programming Director

Gabby Cabangon

The Programming Director is responsible for managing all pre-camp logistics. They are primarily managing camp assignments and working directly with Crew to make sure all logistics are executed.


There are 8 Co-Chairs

Each Co-Chair works with a partner to select and train counselors for the work they will do with freshmen during Cub Camp. Co-Chairs are responsible for upholding and enforcing all Cub Camp policies.

Applications closed on November 2017. Thank you for your interest!


There are 50 Camp Counselors

Camp Counselors serve as a support system for freshmen and help them transition into college life. He or she leads a group of freshmen called a Discussion Group. Counselors also perform informative and purposeful skits during camp to help freshmen better understand UH traditions, college life, and campus services.

Applications closed in February 2018. Thank you for your interest!

Crew Chairs

There are 2 Crew Chairs

The role of a Crew-Chair is to assist the Crew Director in overseeing camp operations and assisting in the training and leadership of the other members of Crew. Each Crew-Chair will be assigned specific elements of camp that they are responsible for planning and executing.

Applications closed in February 2018. Thank you for your interest!


Now accepting applications: Crew Team Members

To apply, click here

There are 6 Crew Members

Being a Cub Camp Crew member gives you a different camp experience. Our Crew members work closely with the Executive Team and professional staff to facilitate the “behind the scenes” and logistics of Cub Camp.

Crew members are divided into two teams – Pre-Set and Send-Off. The Pre-Set team will leave in advance of camper arrival to help set up the space. The Send-Off team will remain on campus to assist with the check-in process and transportation.

Once at camp, Crew members come together to help Namesakes, run special guests programs, host nightly mixers, and assist with presentations and logistics. Cub Camp Crew members gain an understanding of the scope of the organization and the impact the program has on incoming freshmen.