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What matters most to you? Whether you support a camper attending camp or choose to give more generally to the camp experience, you are supporting student success. It all starts here…with you.

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We surveyed UH freshmen who did not register or attend Cub Camp to find out why camp was not an option for them. The majority of respondents cited the cost of camp as prohibitive. Our camper scholarship ensures freshmen with high financial need are able to attend Cub Camp. The cost to attend camp is $140. Our 2019 goal is to provide at least 20 full scholarships to campers.

Coog Sign IconCamp Experience:

Leave a lasting legacy by supporting the programs, trainings, and resources woven together to create the camp experience. Unplugged from the constant distractions of social media, television and online games, first-year students make genuine connections at camp through camp experiences and have the opportunity to discover more about themselves, what they are capable of and how UH is there to support them over the next four years…and as lifelong COOG.


94% of campers leave camp feeling proud to be a COOG

42% of current camp counselors are previous participants

96% of campers return to UH after their first year

Over the last four years, the ethnic makeup of campers has remained significantly diverse mirroring the university’s overall demographics.
Cub Camp Camper

Camper Testimonials

“Cub Camp for me was an extremely fun experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone. It created an extremely friendly environment where I felt comfortable introducing myself to anybody and everybody. I met some of my closest college friends thus far through Cub Camp. It made my first few days in college more fun as I was able to meet up and hang out with my Cub Camp friends.”

- 2016 Camper

Camper Testimonial

“Cub Camp has to be one of the best, if not, the best way to transition in to the University of Houston. I initially went to make more friends, but I left with more than friendship: preparation for college, knowledge of resources, a MUCH greater pride for the University of Houston, and a sense of unity. I am beyond grateful for attending Cub Camp and I would go again and again if I could. The counselors inspired me to become a counselor myself. That way I can make others feel proud about UH, the same way the counselors and leaders did for me.”

- 2017 Camper