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Childbirth and Adoption Workload Redistribution Program

Workload Redistribution Program Associated With Childbirth and Adoption for Promotion Eligible Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Download a copy of the program here

Purpose. UH has a vested interest in the long-term productivity and retention of its faculty. The University’s parental teaching relief guideline is designed to provide flexibility in the teaching obligations of non-tenure track faculty who are the primary or co-equal caregiver to a newborn infant, or to a newly adopted infant or child of up to six years of age. This guideline is also designed to protect the University’s investment in its long-term faculty and support the University’s educational mission.

Guidelines. To accommodate adoption and childbirth related family responsibilities for promotion eligible NTT faculty, we encourage department chairs and program directors to collaborate with NTT faculty in developing workload redistribution mechanisms for one regular term semester.

These workload redistributions can include:

  1. Redistribution from face-to face to online courses.
  2. Redistribution from classroom teaching to curriculum development & enhancement activities, creation of online course materials and other teaching materials.
  3. Redistribution of teaching load from the semester during which birth or adoption occurs to other semesters (e.g. summer sessions, additional course load before and after the semester during which they give birth).

While this program is designed primarily to accommodate promotion eligible non-tenure track faculty with instructional or clinical workload, we encourage research NTT faculty members employed on grants to discuss workload redistribution options with grant PIs in developing workload redistribution mechanisms to cover for one regular semester.

Approval of workload redistribution under this program is subject to the needs of the department and/or unit in meeting their instructional and clinical obligations.