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International Education Week 2023: Connecting Cultures with Global Coogs Nov. 13 - 17

Showcase of Events on Campus

By Celina Sandoval, 713-743-3774

International Education Week, a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education, serves as a beacon for promoting the invaluable merits of international education and cultural exchange at institutions of higher education across the nation.

At the University of Houston, this week-long celebration, taking place November 13 - 17, provides students with the chance to explore initiatives and programs that foster cultural understanding and facilitate access to global learning experiences. UH's Institute for Global Engagement and the International Student and Scholar Services Office play pivotal roles in providing students with invaluable resources to explore international studies, offering unparalleled academic and pre-professional experiences. These offices serve as gateways for students eager to explore a diverse array of global programs, enriching their educational journey and preparing them for a globally connected world.


“International Education Week is a great opportunity for Coogs to engage in the many global opportunities at UH, including the many learning abroad programs and scholarships, multicultural student organizations, global courses and research, and international activities across campus that connect students to their peers. Each student can find their own unique way to go global, and IEW is a great place to get started” said Maggie Mahoney, director of Global Engagement.

IEW 2023 events promise to captivate and inspire attendees. From the spirited Opening Ceremony on November 13 that will showcase cultural performances, to informational sessions like "Learning Abroad 101 Information Session," "Around the World with Peace Corps" and the “Conversations with Global Peers and ISSSO,” each event offers unique insights and learning opportunities for students who want to embark on transformative international experiences.

“Students can learn how to cook an international dish with UH Dining Services at the International Teaching Kitchen and practice their language skills at the Language Exchange Challenge in the Language Commons,” said Mahoney. “These events not only celebrate our diverse campus community but also underscore the University's dedication to fostering global awareness and understanding among its students.”

Throughout the week, students will have the chance to immerse themselves in a diverse range of weeklong international opportunities. From savoring global culinary delights at Moody Towers and Cougar Woods Dining Halls, featuring international cuisine from Asado and Mondo Subs, to connecting with the world through social media, the avenues for exploration are boundless.

Social media participation opportunities on Instagram also include the IEW Photo Contest on @uhlearningabroad, offering a creative outlet for students to share and celebrate their travel experiences, while the Global Food Insecurity Series on @uhcupbrd and the Hygiene Around the World Series on @uh_issso provide platforms for important discussions on global challenges and solutions.

International Education Week at UH is sponsored by UH Global in the Institute of Global Engagement and the International Student and Scholar Services Office from the Division of Student Affairs. A full schedule of UH’s IEW events is available online.