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Dear Faculty,

I have established the Provost’s 50-in-5 Award for faculty. I will fund twenty $5,000 awards to support faculty research efforts towards increasing the 50-in-5 metrics. The proposed use of the funds must connect directly to support or produce a product to advance one or more of the 50-in-5 metric(s). Examples include expenditures related to procurement of software, transcription services for field notes, translation services for document analysis of documents in a language unfamiliar to the researcher, and travel to collect data. To be considered, please prepare a brief 3-5 page proposal to include the following:

  • Description of purpose of work underway

  • Description of final product and its direct impact on specific metric(s)

  • Description of the specific use of the $5,000 award and how it assists completion of your work

  • Budget description

  • Timeline for use of funds

Please submit your proposal (maximum 5 pages) via email to by Thursday, October 31, 2019. Proposals will be evaluated by a committee appointed by the Provost with the highest rating for proposals with direct return on investment related to the 50-in-5 metrics.

Please email with any questions. 

Warm regards,

Paula Myrick Short
Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UH System
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, UH | 832-842-0550

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