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Students Graduate with a Focus on Globalization

May 14, 2018

The second cohort of students graduated with the Global Citizens Credential on April 26, 2018. This cohort of sixteen students enhanced their degrees with core competencies focused on global knowledge, engagement, and responsibility.

“At UH Global, we are very excited about the Global Citizens Credential” said Jaime Ortiz, vice provost of global strategies and studies. “We are confident that a growing number of students will enroll in the Global Citizens Credential to better succeed and become more marketable in todays’ job market.”

The Global Citizens Credential, launched in fall 2017 by the Office of the Provost and open to undergraduate students, encourages students to think outside of their role as a student at the University of Houston and embrace a more international viewpoint. Students demonstrate involvement in five key categories – global courses, learning abroad, language proficiency, global scholarly work, and intercultural activities – to be recognized upon graduation. Students who successfully complete the requirements receive a notation on their academic transcript, as well as a cord to wear during their University of Houston Commencement Ceremony.

“I am delighted to recognize the students who went above and beyond to add value to their studies and pursue the Global Citizens Credential” said Paula Myrick Short, UH System senior vice chancellor for academic affairs and UH senior vice president for academic affairs and provost. “These individuals will enter the workforce with the distinct advantage of being recognized as global citizens and with a unique viewpoint of approaching problems from a global perspective.”