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Cougar Chairs Leadership Academy Begins Its Third Year

January 29, 2016

The Cougar Chairs Leadership Academy (CCLA) recognized its second class of graduates in a ceremony on January 25, 2016 in the Rockwell Pavilion of the M.D. Anderson Library. CCLA aims to provide ongoing support to academic department leaders on campus, as well as foster the skills to tackle leadership roles for aspirational faculty members at the University of Houston.

Dr. Paula Myrick Short, senior vice president for academic affairs and provost developed CCLA as a response to the need for leadership and professional development in academic departments. She recruited Dr. Idahlynn Karre to lead the group of 30-35 faculty members in each class to enhance personal leadership skills, form mentoring and coaching relationships across academic departments, and develop a network of expertise to utilize when leading organizational change.

“CCLA has taught me to understand myself; what drives me, what excites me and what challenges me,” said Kimberly Lambreghts, clinical associate professor in the College of Optometry.  “I have learned to lead using my strengths and to rely on my colleagues who have talents that I do not. I have become part of a group of successful people all working towards a common goal; to be better, smarter, more compassionate leaders who have and will continue to move our Departments, Colleges, and the University forward.”

Addressing the graduates at their ceremony, Dr. Short shared her vision for CCLA. “I am proud to share in your accomplishments as the second class in the Cougar Chairs Leadership Academy. This program was a dream of mine when I became Provost at this great university, and I have made it my priority to establish this program to train future institutional leaders. I hope you have formed relationships with each other that will continue to break down silos as well as offer new opportunities for collaboration and communication across the campus” Short said.