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Quality Enhancement Plan Selection Committee

Dear University of Houston Faculty, Staff, and Students:

In March, we announced the selection of Community and Co-Curricular Engagement as the focus of the University of Houston's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). A QEP should reflect a carefully designed course of action that enhances undergraduate student learning within the framework of the university's mission and goals. With this purpose in mind, a QEP Planning Committee has been formed that includes faculty representation from all undergraduate-serving colleges, staff members, and students. Dr. Rex Koontz, Professor and Director of the School of Art will serve as chair of the committee. This committee will be tasked with developing the proposal that will guide implementation of the QEP at UH and there will be opportunities for participation in the process by the broader university community. Committee members are listed below.

Liz Anderson-Fletcher, Associate Professor, Decision and Information Science

Dan O’Connor, Professor, Health and Human Performance

Margaret Cheung, Associate Professor, Physics and Chemistry

Brinda Penmesta, Student

Kerry Creelman, Coordinator of Undergraduate Instruction & Outreach, Libraries

James Pipkin, Professor of English

Andrew Hamilton, Associate Dean for Student Success, NSM

Tina Powellson, Director, Center for Student Involvement

Cathy Horn, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

Ziad Qureshi, Assistant Professor, Architecture

Frank Kelley, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Business

Miguel Ramos, Director, Institutional Effectiveness & Assessment

Teri Longacre, Dean and Vice Provost, Undergraduate Student Success

Debora Rodrigues, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Rick Lowe, Clinical Associate Professor, School of Art

Jonathan Schwartz, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Heidar Malki, Associate Dean, College of Technology

Chris Stanich, Associate Provost, Planning & Analysis and SACSCOC Liaison

Lee McWilliams, Assistant Professor, Nursing

Monica Thompson, Executive Director, University Career Services

Cristian Morosan, Associate Professor, Hotel & Restaurant Management

Karen Weber, Director, Office of Undergraduate Research

Elsie Myers, Immediate Past President, Staff Council

Winni Zhang, President, SGA

I thank the members of the committee for their commitment to this project and look forward to the development of a quality proposal.

Warm regards,

Paula Myrick Short