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We are Saving a Seat for You!

Enrollment in spring 2017 classes has begun and we are saving a seat for you! Join your Class of 2020 peers in courses next semester by following five easy steps:

  1. Check the enrollment schedule to find out when you can begin enrolling in spring 2017 classes.
  2. Consult the academic map for your major and search for available spring courses to plan your schedule.
  3. Consult with your academic advisor to discuss any courses you might need for your degree progress.
  4. Resolve any enrollment holds placed on your student account (e.g., financial holds, Salutations training hold, academic advising hold.)
  5. Register for courses through myUH and be sure to enroll in at least 15 hours in spring to stay on track for timely graduation.

Your University of Houston family is so glad that you have entrusted us to help you reach your educational and career goals. Please let me know if there is anything that we can do to assist with your continuation next semester. Best wishes as you complete your first semester at the University of Houston.  I hope to see you back on campus in the spring!


Teri Elkins Longacre
Vice Provost, Undergraduate Student Success