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UH Joins Open Textbook Network

Dear UH Faculty, Staff, and Students:

I want to share with you that the University of Houston has recently joined the Open Textbook Network (OTN), which supports faculty and student access to a large volume of free, openly licensed, peer-reviewed academic textbooks. The average UH student spends an estimated $1200 a year on books and supplies, and I strongly feel we can reduce that financial burden through the Open Texbook Library.

As part of our partnership, OTN will provide on-campus workshops which encourage faculty to adopt the use of open textbooks in their classroom and review textbooks already in the library. All textbooks in the library are reviewed by faculty members at member institutions. I am planning to launch a pilot program in which 20 faculty members will receive a stipend to implement the program in one of their courses.

I hope to encourage faculty members to assign their textbooks from the Open Textbook Library moving forward, and reduce the cost of attending UH as a result.

Warmest regards,

Paula Myrick Short