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New Faculty Checklist

All new faculty coming to the University of Houston receive individualized checklists to complete onboarding tasks. For additional information about common University services, view the areas below.


Step Deadline Item Instructions For Questions, Contact:
1 As soon as possible Accept your eOffer in Taleo Accept your eOffer in Taleo. Faculty Affairs
2 As soon as possible Review your personalized checklist Review this personalized checklist. For any questions, please contact Lisa Farr, Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs, at or by phone at 713-743-9103. Please be sure we have an active email address for you. Lisa Farr
Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs
3 As soon as possible Review the New Faculty Website Please review the new Faculty website using the link below. This website will give you information on teaching, research, work-life balance, professional development, and much more. Please take a few minutes to review the information and contact our office if you have any questions. JeBreyah Chevis
Faculty Engagement and Development
4 As soon as possible Complete onboarding tasks in Taleo Log into Taleo ( to complete your onboarding tasks. This will ensure you get a UH email address, employee ID and are set up in our payroll system. Please note that the I-9 task will reflect an incomplete status. That's ok! You will be contacted by Human Resources to complete your I-9. All other tasks should be completed. You will need your UH email address created in order to attend the virtual New Faculty Orientation.  Faculty Affairs
5 As soon as possible Provide transcript to University Please provide your official transcript with your relevant terminal degree posted. Only official hard copies or official electronic transcripts are acceptable. Official electronic transcripts must be sent directly from the degree granting institution or their authorized vendor to If you are in the process of completing your Ph.D., you must show evidence of completion by August 1. Faculty Affairs
6 Register  by July 27 Register to attend New Faculty Orientation Please register for the virtual new faculty orientation scheduled for August 18, 2020. This will be a virtual event hosted by the Provost's office and will include both required and optional events that will help acquaint you with your new community and colleagues. Register to attend New Faculty Orientation JeBreyah Chevis
Faculty Engagement and Development
7 by July 27 Visit FDIS Website Please visit the Faculty Departmental Instructional Support (FDIS) knowledgebase website ( to become familiar with the technology and tools available to you at the University of Houston. You will find quick start guides and tutorials for faculty at this site, as well as support for instructional design, accessibility, and online teaching technologies. We highly recommend that all new faculty start with the Blackboard Basics and MS Teams articles. 

Faculty and Departmental Instructional Support


8 by August 10 Phone call with your Department Chair Arrange a visit or phone call with your Department Chair or your Dean/Associate Dean (if you're in a College without Departments) to discuss: 1) Office space: office location, building/lab access, keys, phone options, support staff, supplies, etc., 2) Computer equipment, 3) College and Department procedures and policies, 4) Scheduled faculty meetings (department or college) and expectations for attendance, and 5) Office hours. Department Chair
9 by August 10 Phone call with your Department or College Business Administrator Arrange a visit or phone call with your Department or College Business Administrator (if you're in a College without Departments) and verify that you have received your UH email address and CougarNet account. If applicable, moving arrangements and guidelines should be discussed at this time as well as any outstanding immigration issues. If you plan to commute by car, ask for suggestions on the closest parking lot/garage to your new office. Additionally, if you will teach this semester, please make sure you speak to your DBA/CBA to ensure you are listed as the course instructor and granted blackboard access, if necessary. Also, please follow up to ensure any outstanding immigration issues are completed. Department or College Business Administrator
10 by August 10 Submit photo Please submit a photo of yourself in a Cougar red shirt. Please email a digital photo (.jpg or .png file format) to JeBreyah Chevis
Faculty Engagement and Development
11 by August 17 Review HR Benefits and Enrollment Information Please review employee benefits information on the UH Human Resources website below. A Q&A opportunity will be offered during the virtual orientation period so you have time to consider the options before you need to make your selections between the 1st and 30th day after your official start date. Human Resources Benefits

Deanna Holmes          Senior Benefits Coordinator              Human Resources

12 by August 20 Review Parking Options

Please review campus parking options and updates about purchasing a permit by visiting the link below. 

Review Campus Parking Options

Parking Customer Service
13 by August 20 Get your Cougar Card The Cougar Card is a multi-purpose ID that integrates a number of functions for daily usage around our campus including access to labs and the Faculty Cafe. You have two methods with which to secure your Cougar Card. You can order your Cougar Card online through the Access UH portal using your Cougarnet account (by clicking the CougarCard app). You can also go to the Cougar Card office, which is located at the UH Welcome Center, suite 151. (hours may be limited though so check with the office first). For more information on the Cougar Card, visit the link: More Information on Your Cougar Card Cougar Card Office


Arrange an appointment with your department chairperson to discuss the following:

  • Your startup package, as detailed in your offer letter
  • If appropriate, the timeline and primary contact responsible for arranging:
    • Securing lab and/or office space
    • Purchasing or moving equipment
    • Transferring research funding from your previous research institution
    • Space remodeling
    • Hiring additional staff

For additional information, visit the Division of Research's links below:


Talk to your department chairperson about your courses for the fall semester. Confirm that you are the instructor of record.

Discuss with your department chairperson the ordering of course materials.

Check with your department to determine if they have the classroom computer equipment you need.

University Life

Adjusting to life at a new university can take time. Use the resources below to find the many benefits that UH has to offer faculty members: