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Provost's Faculty Travel Fund

The Provost's Travel Fund is a source of travel support for tenured/ tenure-track faculty members and librarians when presenting peer-reviewed work at important professional meetings.

The fund was established by the Provost in the spring of 2008 to provide a vehicle to strengthen research and creative programs while enhancing the university's national and international presence in the scholarly community.

Since total annual funding for the Provost Travel Award is fixed, priority will be given to applications from faculty members who have not received a travel award in the preceding 12 months.

In addition, the Provost has recently made additional discretionary funds available for faculty travel related to research and scholarly activities that immediately impact college metrics associated with the current 50-in-5 Initiative.

If after review the Provost Travel Fund Committee believes that the application has demonstrated that providing travel support will immediately result in a guaranteed publication or a scholarly output that can be counted on the faculty member’s 50-in-5 college metrics (i.e. within six months of the travel date), the committee may recommend to the Provost that the application be funded through this additional mechanism, rather than from the current fixed budget.

However, in order to qualify for review for this type of funding, the application must first meet all other existing eligibility requirements listed in the Provost Travel Awards Guidelines. 

Please feel free to contact the Office of Faculty Recruitment, Retention, Equity and Diversity with any questions at

The University’s Travel Guidelines are applicable to the Provost’s Faculty Travel Fund.

2022-2023 Provost's Faculty Travel Fund Guidelines

2022-2023 Provost's Faculty Travel Fund Application