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Global Faculty Development Fund

The Global Faculty Development Fund (GFDF) was established to further faculty involvement in the globalization process of the university. This Provost initiative will increase both the assortment and quality of UH’s global programs by helping faculty to defray the costs of engaging in innovative global activities.

Examples of which are: i) developing a global course or seminar, ii) facilitating the creation and implementation of a faculty-led learning abroad program, iii) sponsoring the visit of an internationally-renown guest speaker, iv) presenting at scholarly conventions or professional conferences, or v) supporting memberships of an international academic center or program.

The GFDF will be implemented as follows through UH Global:

  1. UH Global will allocate up to $1,500 per fiscal year to one tenured, tenure track, or promotional eligible non-tenure track faculty member per academic department towards the development or enhancement of a global initiative.
  2. Interested faculty members will prepare a brief proposal describing the purpose of the global initiative, highlighting its benefits to UH, presenting a travel itinerary, and itemizing the use of the funds requested. The GFDF proposal will require the signature of the department chair and dean.
  3. The proposal should be submitted to UH Global at least one (1) month in advance of the intended start date for the global initiative. A decision will be made by UH Global, in consultation with the Provost, within a week.
  4. It is expected that the sponsoring academic department, college, or center will also contribute, in equal terms, to the related expenses of the faculty member. Any additional funds required should be sought from other sources.
  5. Faculty recipients will provide a report to UH Global based on the leads, outcomes, or results of the funded global initiative within one (1) month of its completion.