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Closing the Deal

The University of Houston’s mission is to develop, motivate, and retain a diverse and engaged workforce committed to supporting and enhancing the mission of the University.  We accomplish this through providing Tier One customer service and partnering with the UH community to maximize the potential of our greatest asset- Our Employees. In addition to competitive salaries, candidates will be impressed with the variety of Resources and Benefits that are available.

  • Once a final candidate is determined, take all reasonable measures to speed up the offer process by effectively communicating with HR and managing all steps.
  • If for any reason, the department cannot respond to the final candidate in a timely manner, maintaining communication with the candidate is critical.
  • Continue communicating with the final candidate to show your interest in their candidacy as well as to avoid them taking another job offer.
  • After the candidate is hired, members of the search committee should maintain contact making the new faculty member feel wanted and welcomed by introducing them to other colleagues.