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Enrollment Services


The University Of Houston Office of Admissions helps prospective students become future Cougars! The Office of Admissions guides students and visitors with recruitment efforts, campus tours and events, admissions processing, and transitioning accepted students into the UH community.

Campus Solutions Services

The Campus Solutions Services team partners with the University of Houston System's business owners and end-users to design and develop software solutions, using the University's student information system (SIS) of record and customer relationship management (CRM) application. We support business processes that facilitate recruitment, retention, graduation, and overall student success.

Enrollment Services Communication and Marketing

The University of Houston Enrollment Services Office of Communications & Marketing (ESCM) provides communication and marketing services to all departments within Enrollment Services, as well as the university community, in order to support recruitment, retention, and student success operations and initiatives. In this role, ESCM staff applies their knowledge and expertise to practices that ensure university and divisional goals are achieved.

Enrollment Services Research and Reporting

The Office of Research and Reporting evaluates the efficacy of Enrollment Services policies and practices, promotes evidence-based decision-making, and tracks progress on important outcomes such as new student enrollment. The department provides data analysis and reporting services to all areas of Enrollment Services as well as other members of the university community in need of Enrollment Services data.

Integrated Enrollment Services

As advocates for student success, Integrated Enrollment Services resolves complex student issues and helps students stay in college. We break down silos between campus departments to provide a seamless student experience. We also offer financial literacy counseling to the university community, represent Enrollment Services at UH at Sugar Land and UH Katy, manage operations within the Welcome Center and provide myUH training to staff and faculty.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid provides financial assistance to students through grants, loans, scholarships, and employment.

University Registrar

The Office of the University Registrar keeps the official university records of enrollment and academic standing. They are also charged with finalizing and publicizing schedules and procedures related to enrollment, final exams, and course listings.