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Office of the Provost Staff

The Provost oversees 8 separate academic areas, each with an assistant, associate, or vice provost. For a list of key personnel, please see below. Additionally, the deans of the colleges, school of nursing, and UH Libraries report to the Provost.

Office of the Provost

Marketing and Communication:

Education Innovation and Technology

Jeff Morgan, Ph.D. | Associate Provost, Education Innovation and Technology | 832-842-4725
  • Janis James | Executive Administrative Assistant | 832-842-4725

CASA Testing Services:

College / Division Information Services:

Distance and Online Operations:

Education Innovation and Technology:

Faculty and Departmental Instructional Support:

Online Functional Support:

Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs

Mark Clarke, Ph.D. | Associate Provost, Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs | 713-743-6894
  • Lisa Farr | Senior Faculty Administrative Coordinator, Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs | 713-743-6894

Academic Policy:

  • Vacant | Assistant Provost, Academic Policy, Faculty Affairs

Faculty Affairs and Assessment:

Faculty Engagement and Development:

  • Lacey L. Schmidt, Ph.D. | Executive Director, Faculty Engagement and Development | 713-743-6592
    • Leslie Coward | Assistant Director, Faculty Engagement and Development | 713-743-2762
    • Casey Monigold | Administrative Assistant, Faculty Engagement and Development | 713-743-7809

Faculty Recruitment, Retention, Equity and Diversity:

Measurement and Evaluation Center:

  • Nia Soeharto | Coordinator, Measurement and Evaluation Center | 713-743-5441

Ombuds Services:

Finance and Administration

Sabrina Hassumani, Ph.D. | Associate Provost, Finance and Administration | 713-743-2755

  • Thuyhang (Vivianne) Do | Executive Director, Academic Affairs Finance and Administration | 713-743-0449
    • Academic Affairs, Finance and Administration:
      • Bradley Eanes | Director, Academic Affairs Finance and Administration | 713-743-0444
    • Business Operations, University of Houston at Sugar Land:
      • Ruby Haroon | Director, Business Operations, University of Houston at Sugar Land | 713-743-1254
    • Provost Business Office:

Global Strategies and Studies

Jaime Ortiz, Ph.D. | Vice Provost, Global Strategies and Studies | 713-743-7310

Global Initiatives:

International Student and Scholar Services:

Learning Abroad:

Graduate School

Sarah C. Larsen, Ph.D. | Vice Provost and Dean, University of Houston Graduate School | 713-743-7948

Graduate and International Admissions:
Graduate Programs and Student Records:
  • Tashemia V. Jones | Assistant Director, Graduate Programs and Student Records | 713-743-3272
    • Vacant | Graduate Documentation Specialist
    • Abraham Tanvir | Academic Affairs Assistant

Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Joseph A. Curtin, Ph.D. | Associate Provost, Institutional Research and Effectiveness | 713-743-4372

Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment and Accreditation:

  • Miguel Ramos, Ph.D. | Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment and Accreditation | 713-743-4372
    • Youmei Liu | Director, Assessment / Accreditation | 832-842-8707
    • Amy O'Neal | Director, Assessment / Accreditation | 713-743-8735
    • Bobbie Koen | Program Manager 2 | 713-743-8885

Institutional Research and Information Management:

Quality Enhancement Plan:

  • Anne Dayton, Ph.D. | Director, Cougar Initiative to Engage | 713-743-0534
    • Fan Wu, Ph.D. | Assessment and Evaluation Analyst, Cougar Initiative to Engage | 713-743-4389

University of Houston at Sugar Land and University of Houston at Katy

Jay Neal, Ph.D. | Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs and Chief Operating Officer of the University of Houston at Sugar Land and the University of Houston at Katy | 713-743-2652

Undergraduate Student Success

Teri Longacre, Ph.D., J.D. | Vice Provost, Undergraduate Student Success | 713-743-4669

Pre-Health Advising:

Retention and Graduation Initiatives:

  • Tara Sass | Director, Retention and Graduation Initiatives | 713-743-1603
    • Morgan Meeks | Program Coordinator 2, Retention and Graduation Initiatives | 713-743-7543
    • Jaquelline Pena | Program Manager 1, Retention and Graduation Initiatives | 713-743-8183

Undergraduate Academic Affairs:

Undergraduate Student Success Center:

Writing Center: