Solange Monono - University of Houston
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Solange Monono

Solange MononoSolange Monono is a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach with over twelve years of experience as a wellness practitioner. With a master's degree in health education, she serves as an Integrative Health and Wellness coach, specializing in Chronic Disease Management. Solange works passionately with diverse populations, especially with minority communities, with a focus to empower individuals, enabling them to enhance their health and flourish despite challenging chronic conditions. 

Having witnessed the transformative impact of coaching throughout her extensive career, Solange finds profound joy in guiding individuals towards becoming the best versions of themselves. She is passionate about encouraging individuals to actively engage in their health and well-being.  This commitment is evident in her role as a mentor to aspiring student coaches, guiding them on their journey to becoming accomplished in their field.   

Solange's dedication and passion led her to the University of Minnesota, where she also shares her wealth of knowledge as a graduate faculty member in the Master of Health Coaching degree program. Here, she imparts her expertise to the next generation of health coaches, contributing significantly to the field of health and wellness coaching. 

When not working, Solange enjoys performing arts and traveling. She loves attending plays, museums, festivals, and live music performances in town. However, what she relishes the most is trying new recipes and inviting her friends and family for dinner, conversation, laughter, and dancing.