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Sexual Assault Information Programs

UHPD has established programs which address educating community members in the area of sexual assault prevention. The department also offers overlapping programs on campus personal and property security. UHPD schedules sexual assault prevention programs in the residence halls and other areas of campus on a regular basis. Individuals or groups may also request this crime prevention program by contacting our crime prevention officer.

Other university departments such as the Division of Student AffairsCounseling Center,  Health Center and Residential Life offer additional educational programs concerning sexual assault prevention and response. Representatives from these areas will also be glad to work with you to coordinate a program on this topic.

The information provided by UHPD is designed to heighten your awareness concerning sexual assault prevention. However, you may follow all the advice and safety tips recommended and still find yourself confronted by an attacker. If it happens, you will have only seconds to decide your method of defense, so you must prepare mentally for the possibility of rape happening to you.

Remember, if you are sexually assaulted, it is not your fault. The Texas Penal Code defines sex crime offenses and provides penalty information for these offenses. The University of Houston also has established procedures and penalties for similar violations committed by faculty, staff or students.

Until society rejects the myths and misconceptions about sexual assault and begins treating rape victims with compassion and understanding, there will never be a lasting solution to the crime of sexual assault.