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University of Houston - Campus Carry Work Group

  • Wynne Chin, Faculty Senate President, Professor
  • Ioannis Kakadiaris, Professor
  • Shaun Smith, Student Body President, Student Government Association
  • Andy Moon, Technical Services Specialist 4 Staff Council Representative
  • Joan Nelson, Associate Vice President, Human Resources
  • Richard Walker, Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Dona Cornell, Vice President, Legal Affairs General Counsel
  • Ceaser Moore, Jr., Chief, University of Houston Department of Public Safety
  • Maria Peden, Associate Athletic Director
  • Emily Messa, Associate Vice President, Administration
  • Mark Clarke, Interim Associate Provost, Faculty Development/Affairs
  • Laila Machado, National Residence Hall Honorary
  • Don Yackley, Executive Director, Residential Life & Housing
  • Marcilynn Burke, Associate Dean


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